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Bond&CO in collaboration with Suto agriculture bring you the healthy choice in great tasting food and drink. Suto agriculture is a leading authority in producing organic rice using the duck farming method. Introducing trained ducklings (yes trained, these ducklings will come to call) into the rice fields to eat weeds and insects and eliminate the need to use chemicals on the crop or in the soil. In combination with home made organic fertilizer the result is the great taste and texture of healthy quality rice and the farms premium product, 'Organic Aigamo saibaimai' .  'Organic Aigamo saibaimai', is the rice used to produce the finest quality LOHAS sake



Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability

Made from Organic Duck Rice


Limited edition available while stocks last


Middle Drip Sake 100 bottles


Raw White Sake 250 bottles


Raw Clear Sake 250 bottles


Normal Sake 600 bottles

duck days

unfortunately duck days and farm events are postponed due to coronavirus​.

Releasing the ducklings into the rice fields can be a community event. If you are interested in taking part in these duck events and other genuine farm days please contact us in the comments section. Bond&Co organize three or four farm events per year for adults and children.

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